endowmentRose City Park United Methodist Church Permanent Endowments

The Board of Trustees for Rose City Park United Methodist Church (RCPUMC) has established a number of endowments for  the purpose of supporting church programs.  In some instances, these endowments are in recognition of specific individuals.  All of these endowments work to alleviate the burdens of the church budget.

Gifts and contributions to these endowments are invested as principal in a wide range of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and allowed to grow and accumulate earnings with the sole purpose of producing income to support Rose City Park United Methodist Church.  Only the income produced from investments are used to support church programs and needs.  The principal from gifts is never used.  Therefore, a one-time gift will truly give for forever.

Your give may be directed to any one of the following endowments:

Trustees Property Maintenance Endowment

Established in 1978, earnings from this endowment are used by the Trustees to maintain, repair, improve, insure, and protect the real property of the church.  The Board of Trustees may also authorize the use of earnings in support of other church programs.

Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Created in 1970, the original scholarship fund was started by Bill and Lottie Beavert in memory of their daughter Jackie.  Established as an endowment in 1996 the earnings shall be used for scholarships as awarded annually by the Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Local Community Mission Endowment

Income earned from this endowment is used to assist those in need throughout our church and local community in conjunction with existing programs such as the Bunch and the Good Samaritan funds.

Camp Scholarship Endowment

Established in 2000, this endowment works to award Camp Scholarships to participants within Rose City Park United Methodist church who might otherwise be unable to attend church camp.

Gerry Gregorius Pipe Organ Endowment

Rose City Park United Methodist Church is home to an amazing organ.  This endowment, established in 1995  in memory of former organist Gerry Gregorius, helps to support and maintain this beautiful instrument.

Frank Holman Church Music Endowment

Established in 1995 in honor of Frank Holman, Director of Music Emeritus at RCPUMC, the income from this endowment is used to provide music of all types within the church program.

Rollins Library Endowment

Established in 2002 in memory of Art and Alice Rollins, income from this endowment is used to help support a library for Rose City Park United Methodist Church.

We welcome your gift to any of these endowments.  If you wish your gift to be designated in honor or memory of a specific individual please click on the attached link and fill out the form and return to the office at Rose City Park United Methodist Church.

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