An Altar for All

same sex marriageAn Altar for ALL

We declare that God’s love and grace is available to all. We believe that the Christian altar should be open to all loving couples who can legally marry and who request to make vows in the church, recognizing their belief in the sacred covenantof Christian marriage. Every couple should have the benefit of pre-nuptial counseling and, if the clergy deems them to be ready for this commitment, should have access to our sanctuary and facilities to celebrate their marriage. In the evenT that our clergy is charged with disobeying the Discipline for hosting or presiding at a same-sex wedding, we will support the clergy in whatever way possible and appropriate. We vow to work within the denomination to change the language of the UMC Book of Discipline regarding same-sex marriages, so that it may be consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ about loving and accepting all persons in every aspect of Christian life.