Pastor Courtney came to Rose City Park UMC July, 2015. She grew up in the valley in Lebanon, Oregon. Her parents still live in Lebanon, although her dad is a circuit court judge in Albany, and her mom teaches Spanish in Sweet Home.  She has three younger brothers, three fabulous sisters-in-law, and a brand new perfect niece (She’s a proud proud auntie). She went to Willamette University in Salem,  then took off to seminary in Chicago. She attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, a United Methodist seminary attached to Northwestern.  She came back to the valley to serve for four years as the Associate pastor at Corvallis First UMC, and for the past five years has been the United Methodist Pastor at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries.

While in McMinnville, she met her wife Jennifer and they were married on August 1st.  Courtney is an extrovert who loves to jam pack the day with a variety of people.  (If that day includes coffee and wine, all the better.) She loves to read and usually has a book with her for the few down minutes the day can offer.  She enjoys a lovely hike on occasion, and travels whenever she can.  She is eager to learn new things and thinks growing food is one of God’s great miracles.  Gardening is a gift to us in the valley.  She is passionate about serving those in the margins and outside the walls of the church. She speaks Spanish, even if a little rusty.  She believes theology is contextual and people yearn for deep conversations.


Faith Formation Specialist

CarrieAnn began her work with Rose City Park in May 2016.  After attending Pacific Lutheran University, she traveled for 13 years working as a missionary with an international drama ministry.  Her travels took her all over the United States, including Alaska, many parts of Canada, and several years throughout Mexico.  Upon settling in Portland, CarrieAnn continued her work in drama becoming the Head Drama Director for a youth drama troupe with a local non-profit.  She also stepped into the role of Community and Family Educator for Northwest Family Services, serving with them for 9 years.  She continued her ministry efforts volunteering for Women’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Small Group Leadership with the churches she attended.

CarrieAnn met her husband, Caleb “Bake” Baker, while working with the traveling theater ministry, and they continued to serve together for the first 9 years of their marriage using drama as a means to encourage, challenge, and grow spiritually.  At 18 years of marriage they decided to adopt, and are in the process of welcoming 10 year old Mayfare and 8 year old Amos into the Baker family.  God loves to keep his children on their toes, and has chosen to do so for the Baker family with CarrieAnn expecting their first baby in November of 2016!

Adventure, creativity, learning and connection are some of the things that drive CarrieAnn and help her to step into the role of Faith Formation Specialist.


Director of Music
John became the Director of Music in June, 2016. The son of a Methodist pastor, John Green began piano study in Scottsdale, Arizona, playing  the piano in church at age 7.  He studied organ at 13 and became the organist of his father’s church when he was 14.  At the same time, he also was the organist at the local Episcopal church.

His formal organ study was at Arizona State University with Nadine Dresskell and Charles S. Brown, and at Whittier College with Robert Prichard.  Private studies were with C. Eugene Harris, and master’s studies with Alexander Schreiner and Norman Söreng Wright.

For several years John was the organist for the Southern  California-Arizona Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, and served for 8 years as organist for the Nebrask Annual Conference of the UMC.  He has participated in concerts and workshops all over the world, including Korea, Jamaica, Antigua, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, England, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and, of course, around the U.S.A.  John has held music positions in several large churches in the USA, and since 2002 has been organist at Rose City Park United Methodist Church.

For over 43 years John has been active in organ sales and manufacturing.  In 1976 he began working for Rodgers Organ Company, and held many positions including National Sales Manager, International Sales Manager, and Western U.S. Sales Manager.  He retired from Rodgers in December, 2010.  He has maintained close ties to the music industry however, and frequently consults on a freelance basis.

John, and his wife, Kathy, currently live on 4 acres in the countryside, 25 miles SE of Portland, with their Border Collies, Ringo and Sadie.  They have 3 grown children, and 6 grandchildren, all of which live in the Portland area.


Kohne-Heidi019HEIDI KOHNE
Heidi became organist at Rose City Park UMC in June 2016. She has been a freelance organist in Portland, Oregon, after holding the position of music director and organist (and, later, financial secretary) at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church for eleven years. She received her Bachelor of Music from DePauw University and Master of Music from Indiana University, both in organ. She also holds Service Playing and Colleague certificates from the American Guild of Organists. She was on the steering committees for the Guild’s 2007 Region VIII convention and 2011 POE, both in Portland. She has performed at two Guild conventions: the 1996 national convention in New York City, as part of a POE workshop, and the 2013 regional convention in Salem, Oregon, her hometown, as a recitalist.


Praise Band Leader/Pianist
Dan started his musical career in Rose City Park United Methodist Church at age 16 as a pianist for the folk choir. By age 17, Dan was hired as a director of three choirs for the Troutdale Presbyterian Church while still maintaining the piano chair for the early service at Rose City Park. After 2 years at Mt Hood Community College, Dan struck out on the road with various Show Bands and relocated temporarily in Las Vegas. Most of the 70s & 80s were traveling years including USO shows & nightclubs. After re-settling in Portland, Dan produced & arranged many local commercials & band demos while continuing his education. In 1989, Dan became employed as a music instructor at Portland Community College, a job that he still holds to this day.  2000 was the year that Dan was invited to revisit the piano chair for the early service at Rose City Park. Three years later, Dan was promoted to Praise Band Director.


Bell Choir Director
Jennifer has been involved in music her entire life. As a child she sang with the Portland Children’s Opera Chorus, did studio voice-overs on children’s music videos, and studied violin, flute and piano. While attending Portland State University, she sang with the PSU Chamber Choir, traveling to the Czech Republic and Spain. She has been the “Jen” in the jazz quartet, “Jen and Tonic”, and has sung with the David York Ensemble and pianist, Michael Allen Harrison. She currently sings with the women’s quartet, “The Sirens”. Jennifer has been part of the program at RCPUMC her whole life, singing in the choir, directing the youth choir, leading the youth program, and playing in the bell choir. She and her husband, Tim, have a daughter, Cecilia, and love sports, especially the Oregon Ducks.


Star has a background in accounting, graphic design, fine art, writing, calligraphy and yoga – all of which she is passionate about. She is owned by a 27 pound golden Maine Coon kitty named Ra (for the sun god of course).

She is a retired professional ballet dancer. The love of classical music, so much a part of ballet, remained, and is incorporated into both yoga and art (she prefers doing yoga and calligraphy to classical music). Another avenue this varied background has led her is helping with children who have had abuse issues in their lives. She incorporates a combination of art and meditation/movement to assist their transition into a healthier life.

Her love of numbers emerged while she was the controller’s assistant at Kaiser Permanente. She has a BA in English, an AA in Accounting, and an AA in Graphic Design. She is in the process of obtaining her Yoga Alliance teaching credentials, specializing in therapeutic yoga and working with the elderly and “differently-abled” population.

Another area of interest is organic gardening, cooking, and a vegetarian lifestyle, and living a life that incorporates love and compassion in all actions.

Mike is a graduate of Lincoln High School and has attended apprentice programs in both carpentry and printing.  Mike has worked extensively as a commercial janitor side by side with his father.

Mike is passionate about classic movies (he’s the guy for Trivial Pursuit if there is a classic movie question…he knows it all!), his Los Angeles Lakers, Rams and Dodgers.  Mike believes in honoring his parents in all that he does (and accomplishes that daily!).  Mike loves to cook and his life wish is to go to cooking school.

We hear all the time comments that we have “the cleanest church I have ever seen.”  That is all thanks to Mike.  He truly loves our building.  As he says…”I love the building and it loves me back!”

Director of Music Emeritus
Frank retired June, 2016, after 40 years as Director of Music at Rose City Park UMC,  having directed the choir “Grace Notes”,  bell choir, “Wesley Ringers”, and the Rose City Brass Ensemble.  He  continues to play in the Praise Band and sing in the choir. Frank has his BA in Violin from Willamette University, and his Masters in Education from Portland State University.  Frank was a former teacher at Madison and Roosevelt High Schools, as well as Peninsula and Alameda Elementary Schools.  He was the Tenor Soloist at First United Methodist Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church before he came to Rose City Park UMC in 1975.

Frank is married to Patricia and they have a daughter Jennifer O’Leary,  and a granddaughter, Cecilia.