Newsletter Article 1

25318_UMC back to school_unbranded_071416-03If you are like me, you are getting very nostalgic around this time of year.  The school supplies are out, the backpacks are getting ready, the school clothes are being organized. It is back to school time!  I used to love this time of year! All of the potential! All of the opportunity! My brothers and I would carefully  lay out all of our first day clothes on the Monday night before school started (always the day after Labor Day).  If you walked into any of our rooms, would have thought the rapture had happened. All you   would see were clothes laid out on the ground in a perfect formation just waiting for us for the next morning.  The anticipation was palpable.

Back to school time brings up all sort of stuff for us all, doesn’t it? Whether we were eager or begrudgingly going back there is something about this time of year that makes us start over.  Our schedules start to get a little tighter and we get a little more       hectic.  In some ways, this is good.  We get moving in a different way. We are motivated on a different level.  I love this time of year now because the   preschool comes back! There are little bodies that run around the church each day that give it new life.

But please don’t get caught in the rush of the      season. Make sure to take time, to find your center and your grounding. Make sure to take time to   reconnect with God in the midst of the newness.

At the church, please take a moment to take a breath when you come in. Say a prayer for what might be happening in the building and what could be.  Take a moment to touch base with community as things start up again…choir, bells, youth group, more educational opportunities.  There is so much to do but in the midst of it don’t lose sight of why we do it…all to connect back to the creator.

Peace, Courtney