Adult Education

adult educationA writer in the New Testament, Paul, said, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

The Christian faith is about transformation and renewal.  It is about being changed over and over.  Some ask, “Have you been born again?”  I answer, “Absolutely: again and again and again!”  Renewal and transformation can happen daily.  Here at Rose City Park United Methodist Church we are excited about the opportunities for this renewal.  We believe that the God of the Bible and the God of our experience is a God who is constantly working on us and never giving up on us.  As a church fellowship and as a staff, we also believe that we are not so much here to give answers to life’s complicated issues, as we are to welcome the difficult questions of life – many of which may not have answers.  Often times in life it is just being in the fellowship of caring friends that provides the context for the answers we seek.

People that worship at Rose City Park United Methodist Church have an open understanding of the Bible and faith;  we are not a “cookie cutter” fellowship.  As a congregation we take the Bible as a guidepost from God – to bring us into a closer spiritual walk.

Our church seeks to understand the God who is always seeking us.  The foundational understanding of this God, who is more mystery than anything, is that this God meets us with a love that is unmerited, unconditional, and unlimited.

A growing faith is always a journey – we never arrive, but we are always seeking to know this God who knows us best, loves us most, and never quits on us.