Passionate Worship

worshipWorship is many things to many people.  Our worship today is so much different even than it was 20 or 30 years ago.  But true worship speaks to the heart and its connection with God and Spirit.  Yes we have moved from animal skins and papyrus to keyboards and organs that produce amazing music.  Instead of the carved stone or pen – to I-Pads and video…and all of the technology that our culture makes available to us.  And yet, we – like our ancestors of old – are still looking for the same thing.  We all seek a passionate, life transforming encounter with God.

The Good News is that God loves all His creation, including every human being.  In fact we are called by God to love ALL people without limits…without borders…and without conditions.  When we experience this within the passionate way we live and in the passionate way we worship…it only makes sense that we become excited about life; our community (locally and globally) , our connection with others, and our union with God.  In reality, this is the essence of faith…and church…and spirituality.

WHO ARE WE?  We are a progressive church – which means that everyone is invited to share in our worship experience.  As we state each week in our bulletin:

“ALL people of any race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation,   

religious belief, age, ability, economic status or life situation are welcome here.

So we invite you to share with us in this journey called “faith.”  It is a continuous journey – one that does not end.  BUT it is a journey of self-discovery and one of discovering God – as we all seek the One who is always seeking us…as we fully understand his love for us to be both boundless and unconditional.