We’ve Gone Viral

God prefers kind atheists over hateful christiansIt all began with this sign.  Little did we know what a response we would get.  On our signboard in the front of our church we put up a sign that said “GOD PREFERS KIND ATHEISTS OVER HATEFUL CHRISTIANS.”  The rest, as they say, is history!  Our little sign has gone viral three times since it was first put up in April of 2012.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive, although there were those that were sure we had lost our minds (or our souls!).  Never meant to be taken literally, the sign was originally put up to try to promote thoughtful conversation about how we as Christians, treat those that we consider “different.”  We received countless emails from all over the country from gays and lesbians who had been ostracized from their church homes because of their sexual preference.  Many had lost faith in the church and some went so far as to say they had lost faith in humanity.  We hope that in a small way, we were able to encourage them in their quest to find a church in their area that would be accepting and loving.  We believe that God’s love is for everyone regardless of race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, economic status, or life situation.

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We don't want gay marriage...Then…it happened again!  With this sign…”WE DON’T WANT GAY MARRIAGE TO UPSET THE SANCTITY OF YOUR THIRD MARRIAGE.”  We are a fellowship that believe that all people have a right to find love, partnership and joy with another…period!  We again, got responses and comments from all over the world…most positive and some not so much!  We will continue to put up signs that we hope will be thought provoking and will promote meaningful conversation regarding the issues of our time.

Below is a “library” of our collection of signs…here are some of our best…ENJOY!

Hell is coming

we support the separation of church and hate too often the church It's not courage 4.10.2012  We Dont practice tolerance All Saints Sunday  be the person If my religion prompts me contrary to popular belief...