About Our Youth Program

The Youth Program at Rose City youth mission trip for web sitePark United Methodist Church is all about teaching youth to be disciples of Jesus Christ, in the things they do, the friends they keep, and the direction they take as they become adults.  With this in mind our program is filled with sessions to explore life issues.  We do community building activities with the emphasis being on having a caring, safe, respectful atmosphere where everyone can share.  There are service opportunities both locally and through mission trips.  The youth periodically lead worship and regularly attend with their families.  There are also regular fellowship activities for all youth and their friends.

Within our group there are youth at many different stages along their faith journey and each youth is encouraged to continue from where they are at.

This is a place where all differences are welcome, including faiths, sexual orientations, abilities, and skin colors.

SUNDAY MORNING from 10 to 11:00 AM there is the sharing of prayer concerns and discussions on faith, the Bible, and theology.

Sunday evenings are a time of fellowship, discussions on social issues, and community building.  Once a month both middle and high school meet together from 5:00 to 7:30.   All other weeks the middle school youth meet at 5:00 and depart at 6:30, and the high school youth meet at 6:00 and depart at 8:00pm.  Every week there is a light meal shared by middle and high school together,  usually at 6:00pm.

MISSION…About once a month there is a local service opportunity, at a local food bank, feeding homeless down town, or at a shelter.

Each summer there are mission opportunities for both middle school and high school.  The middle school generally spends 2 days out of town and the remainder of the week serving here in Portland.  The high school youth travel usually on the west coast with Sierra Service Project to do a week long service project with teens from across the United States.