Following current local, federal and UMC Bishop

guidelines, our building is allowing limited

building use at this time. There are currently no

Sunday services and only pre-approved building use.

Contact Building Manager, Elsa Johnson for questions,

inquiries and building use pre-approval: building(at)

Current Building Safety Guidelines:

Phase 2 Building User Safety Requirements

Phase 2 Outdoor Use Safety Requirements

UMC Phase Guidelines (RCPUMC is currently in Phase 2):

COVID-19 Building Updates

We can approve up to 10 people at a time in 3 separate zones of the building: worship area, education/office wing and lower level. It is important to note that all building users need to follow all safety guidelines. Please contact Building Manager, Elsa Johnson, for building use approval so we can best stay within our maximum building use numbers (building(at)


Please note that each zone has a designated entrance, exit, bathrooms and kitchens as well as log books to keep track of building use.

  • Use designated entrances and exits for each building zone.

    • Zone 1 YELLOW: Worship Area: 

      • Entrance: red doors across from the parking lot, elevator access only: the Alameda glass doors.

      • Exit: red doors by the organ in the Sanctuary, big red doors on Alameda from Sanctuary foyer

    • Zone 2 BLUE: Education/Office Wing:

      • Entrance: glass office doors on Alameda St.

      • Exit: metal doors on the east side of the building, down the hall from the main office

    • Zone 3 GREEN: Lower Level:

      • Entrance: ramp entrance into Youngson Hall from 58th Ave.

      • Exit: back hall exit by custodian closet

  • Use designated bathrooms for each building zone and observe the maximum number of people by using “occupied/vacant" signs on doors and observe the use of marks on the floor in the hallway while waiting.

    • Zone 1: 1st floor bathrooms

    • Zone 2: 2nd floor bathrooms

    • Zone 3: lower level stall bathrooms

Zone 1: YELLOW        ZONE 2: BLUE

Zone 3: GREEN