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Rose City Park United Methodist Church Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, please read the rules and fill out the downloadable form below.

1.  Applicants must have evidence of supporting or serving in the Rose City Park UMC community.  Students may or may not be a member.

2.  Grants are to be used for:  post high school education.  This includes community college, trade school, and university.  Camps or non degree trainings are not eligible.

3.  Recipient must request their award funds during the period for which they applied for:  Winter/Spring or Fall/Summer,

4.  The choice of recipients will be based on merit and need.

5.  There must be a completely filled out application (available in the church office or printable pdf) submitted in order to be eligible for reward.


6.  Awards will be available two times during the year: once in fall and the other in spring.  The deadline will be announced at least one month prior.

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