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Our Stained Glass 

Sanctuary Balcony
Balcony Stairway
Upper Narthex Stairway
Upper Narthex
Lobby Stairway

Beautiful stained art glass windows are an outstanding feature of the Rose City Park United Methodist Church. 

The present brick building, which was completed in 1925, housed the original 26 windows. Within the journey of the church, 29 were eventually added and 6 were removed and stored. The building is now home to 23 amazingly detailed glass works of art. 

Inside the church, the most dramatic is the Honor Rose Window which fronts Alameda Drive. It was a gift from Mr. Youngson, an important member of the church who dedicated to three honors in his family: his wife, his daughter, and his mother-in-law. 

Money cannot measure the value of our windows.


In its own way each window is a continuing reminder of our Lord and our rich heritage as Christians. As a congregation, we seek to share our joy in the lasting memorials which we treasure. 

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