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If you’re looking for a church that is progressive, accepting and perhaps alternative for a Christian community, give us a try. Regardless of where life takes you, we pray you find what Jesus called a life shaken, patted down and overflowing.

What we Believe

Our root purpose is in the unbounded love of God for all creation as taught and lived by Jesus Christ.

All humans are children of God — regardless of gender identity, socioeconomic status, race or ethnicity.

Radical hospitality is how we compassionately and inclusively share God’s love.

We use the Bible as interpreted through the life and teachings of Jesus, and with serious attention to the cultural contexts in which the diverse stories of the Bible were created, collected and handed down.

We look to Jesus as our challenging and life-affirming mentor and teacher. We think that all of creation benefits from people trying to be more like him.

We value science, a liberal education and nature. We work hard to care for ourselves and bless others, and seek to cultivate a society that does the same.

Our Core Values

The members of Rose City Park United Methodist Church are:

  • Disciples of Jesus Christ, building an inclusive future and welcoming all.

  • Striving to build a community and world of justice and peace.

  • Serving our neighbors to the best of our ability.

Current Use

The church serves as a safe shelter for homeless vets, the home of a neighborhood preschool, and as a base of operations for a variety of independent nonprofit organizations.


You might also know us for our church sign which often goes viral because of its progressive and grace-filled interpretations of Christianity.


We seek to serve and are open to mission suggestions proposed by  members.

Our Service

You’ll find our 10 a.m. Sunday morning service is designed to offer something for everyone.


Praise Music

The Cloud Nine Praise Band is led by Dan Pettis on the keyboard and features bass and acoustic guitar players, a drummer as well as a dynamic horn section. Combine that with dedicated vocalists and you are in for an energizing and uplifting worship experience.


Traditional Music

The choir is led by musical director and organist John Green. (See below for details about our famous pipe organ.) You’ll likely hear a variety of hymns on any given Sunday.

Special events throughout the year might include performance by our bell choir, Christmas tea concerts and more.


Child Friendly

We have a nursery for infants up to two years of age (with a licensed attendant) and Sunday school classes for four-year-olds and older during the service.

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